Family Maternity Session in Denver – Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

Rebooting my business in Colorado has been one of the bigger challenges we’ve faced related to our recent move, but it’s been made quite a bit sweeter to have the opportunity to work with old friends and neighbors. In this case, these now-parents were our next-door neighbors for six years in Washington, DC! We told them about our first pregnancy while attending their wedding. This Dad was our first and only visitor at the hospital when I gave birth to my first child and his wife rushed over to our home, bearing food, as soon as she returned from an out-of-town trip. They were wonderful neighbors and just as fun and caring to our oldest child as they could possibly be. Alas, just before I became pregnant with my second child, they packed up and moved to Colorado. What were we to do, but follow them!? In truth, it had been a long-term plan of ours, dating back long before we knew them. Still, it is wonderful to remain in touch and to be able to share in this beautiful journey of theirs.

We held the session near the clients’ home, about 90 minutes from me. Thus, the clients did a little reconnaissance work to share the place and sunrise light with me. When they visited, the wildflowers and grass were high and lovely. Just a couple of days later, when we went for the session, the grass had been mowed and was wet, sticky, and the biggest mess I have ever tried to shoot in. The adults were wet to their shins and the child to her knees. We worked hard to fight the mess, and couldn’t try a number of shots we wanted, as they would have gotten terribly dirty. Still, all in all, I think their love and happiness shines through and they have some beautiful memories to look back on for a lifetime.

I will be adding more photos to this gallery in the coming days, but wanted to go ahead and post some now. Guys, many thanks for choosing me to capture this precious time in your lives, and I wish you the very best with birth and the transition to two children!


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