Roots and Twigs Photography’s Birthday Sale!


Many of you know I have a whole other professional career, which I am very proud of, and passionate about. However, my serious work in – and love affair with – photography pre-dates that career, and working as a professional photographer was my dream for decades. It wasn’t until I had children and chose to stay at home with them during their ongoing early years that I had to cut way back in my other career, and was able to carve out smaller chunks of time for photography projects. Four years ago today, I officially launched Roots and Twigs Photography. Long before my first “birthday”, I was booked solid with weddings, events, and family sessions, week after week. Soon after, I moved across the country and had to start all over again, which is no joke. Re-building has been harder and slower than I ever imagined, but momentum is building. Just this week, in a twenty-four hour period, I booked a local wedding and finalized plans to be flown back to shoot three big sessions back in my previous market. I am looking forward to busier times ahead!

As an incentive to bring more new clients in, I am offering 50% off all print packages for every session booked through the end of November. Session must take place by the end of 2017 to take advantage of this offer.

Professional Print Packages, Available only at time of booking

Aspen Print Package: $100  $50 >>   Includes (1) 11×14, (3) 8×10, and (25) 4×6 or 5×7 Prints;
Spruce Print Package: $75 $37.50  >>   Includes (2) 8×10 and (15) 4×6 or 5×7 Prints;
Pine Print Package: $50 $25  >>   Includes (1) 8×10 and (5) 4×6 or 5×7 Prints

Many of you will want photos for holiday cards, or just some updated family shots. I also want to make you aware that I am available to shoot throughout the Thanksgiving holidays, so if you have extended family gathering, there’s no better time to capture some memories of your time together! I hope to hear from you soon!



Teen Twins – Fort Collins and Boulder Family Photographer

Family Portraits – Fort Collins and Boulder Family Photographer

I just realized that, while I shared photos from several of my last sessions, I never blogged them, so watch me go add them! I met this fun and easy-going family during the golden hour for a park session. I love it when the parents are happy to let the kids be themselves and express their true personalities in photos. The son, especially, did this in front of my lens. Thank you so much, for such a great time, guys!

Roots and Twigs Photography Feature at Dads in the Wild, “Back in the Den”



I was recently invited to interview with Dads in the Wild, sharing some more information about the main Dad in my life. I hope you’ll take a moment to click below to see the images and thoughts I shared!

Back in the Den: Roots and Twigs Photography

February 2017: Shadows at Share Six | Fort Collins Lifestyle and Fine Art Photographer

The February circle blog theme at Share Six is SHADOWS. I hope you’ll take the time to link around the full blog circle, and then submit to the Share Six Facebook and/or Instagram pages for a chance to be featured.

Shadows can add much depth, interest, and drams to an image. My children are getting more interested in playing with their shadows, creating shadow animals with their hands, and also taking note of their full body’s shadows on various surfaces. Even when they aren’t paying attention to their shadows, I certainly am. So here are some favorites of my kids and their shadows and a shadows and silhouettes image from Yellowstone National Park that I just had to include, as well. I hope you enjoy my collection and complete our blog circle for what promises to be a particularly interesting series of images.

Thank you so much for dropping by to see my take on SHADOWS. Next in the blog circle is Kim Sidwell Photography. Please link over and see what she has put together for SHADOWS! Again, for a chance to be featured, please  submit your SHADOWS images to the Share Six Facebook and/or Instagram pages (tag #sharesix and #sharesix_music)!

Our Thanksgiving Wishes to you

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Share Six! Please link to to read our community blog post, and may you all have much to be thankful for this season! ~ Tori

October 2016: Time at Share Six | Fort Collins Fine Art and Lifestyle Photographer

Time is this month’s theme at Share Six. I have wrestled with choosing a direction for this theme. My initial thoughts related to the seasons – the various times that cycle annually. Since I couldn’t photograph the whole year in a month, I continued to brainstorm. I thought about our daily routines at home: the distinct things that happen each and every day. But my schedule hasn’t allowed me to capture a day in the life well lately, either. I finally settled on this particular Time of the year, Fall, as well as this Time in my life and related priorities.

Until recent years, I have dreaded Fall. I didn’t actually dislike Fall at all, but I looked ahead and dreaded the limited daylight hours (along with some other perceived downers) of Winter, instead of living in the moment. In recent years, I have prioritized shifting my life perspective to a more optimistic one. Somewhere post-college, I became rather “glass half empty.” It may be a long battle to wake up sunny every day, but it will be worth the sweet victory when I achieve it. Instead of loathing Fall, for Winter’s impending arrival, I now appreciate Fall for what it is. All we have is this moment, with no further guarantees, and I think losing loved ones and having children have been great life lessons on the matter.

Everywhere I have lived has truly seasonal weather. However, never have I experienced such distinct seasonal shifts in the culture and activities as I do here in our new-ish home state of Colorado. Our conversations and activities are rarely about work or deadlines. They are about how we enjoyed the weekend, the weather, and the outdoorsy lives we are blessed with here. We don’t hunker down and hibernate in Winter, just trying to get through and make it until Spring (well, until maybe that last month of it!). We get out and enjoy it, too. Even though I don’t ski (yet?!), the enthusiasm of so many friends here who live for it, brighten Winter a bit, as well. For all of these reasons, I now FEEL and EXPERIENCE the beauty and opportunities of each season more.

I love Fall. I love everything about it. It is my favorite season during which to photograph people. It is full of gorgeous colors, crisp air, and preparations for the next beautiful season, with its own identity. Fall is also a very introspective time of year for me. Winter is busy with holidays and indoor activities, as well as cold weather fun; Spring is energized with new life and buds, and anticipation; Summer is just plain BUSY with vacations and gardening, and fun… Then there’s Fall. For me, it’s a time when we have successfully survived first of the school year madness and hit a stride, and we can enjoy some weekend family time before the holidays suck us into their chaos. My family took a day trip this past weekend to one of the many nearby mountain areas we hadn’t yet explored. The day was full of beauty, peace, reflection, and discovery. These photos are from this Time in our lives: our time with young children, soaking up nature comfortably and easily before Winter sets in, quiet time reflecting on priorities and family, and a beautiful and peaceful hike to a Buddhist stupa nestled high up in golden aspen groves. I don’t always succeed in recognizing and celebrating it, but for all its shortcomings, this truly is a beautiful Time in my life.

Thank you so much for dropping by to see my take on Time! Now, please visit Sharleen N Stuart Photography to see her take on it, and continue the circle blog to view and comment on everyone’s work.

Please join us for this month’s theme by posting your Time images on the Facebook page at Share Six  and to the Instagram gallery by tagging #sharesix and #sharesix_time.


BE INSPIRED Session featuring Roots and Twigs Photography

  Thank you so much, Dear Photographer, for this wonderful feature opportunity! Please click below to view the featured session and read the interview!

Source: BE INSPIRED Session featuring Roots and Twigs Photography

Summer Break Has Begun! Fort Collins, Colorado Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer: Family, Children, Weddings

We are just a couple of weeks into summer break here and, although our work and home schedules are crazy, we’ve been finding some great fun around the house. These two even let me follow them around and photograph them for half an hour one recent afternoon. I hope you all have a wonderful summer, however you spend it!

Recent Published, Featured, and Top Honor Images; Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

Back in February, I published a blog post including some of my recently published images, and here is the next installment! For more information about these and other published images, please visit Industry Honors, here on my website, or my related Facebook Album. Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Weekly ‘Real Life’ Featured Photographer Roots and Twigs Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado

Prairie dog in snow, Niwot, Colorado

bio (Who is Tori?) Following years of dreaming and scheming, my family moved from a lifetime on the East Coast to Fort Collins, Colorado just over a year ago. About 2 years ago, while on hiatus fro…

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Trail and Open Space Park Family Time, Part 2; Fort Collins, Colorado Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer

As a follow-up to Part 1, here’s Part 2 of a recent lovely evening out with my family, with yet more to come! Please give me a shout if you’d like to capture memories here in Fort Collins, or the surrounding areas of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming!

The outing lasted only 45 minutes, but there are now 3 blog posts for it, since there were so many images that I loved!

Post 1 of 3
Post 2 of 3
Post 3 of 3

Trail and Open Space Park Family Time, Part 1; Fort Collins, Colorado Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer

Earlier this week, my daughter and I took off on a trail by our house midday, mostly to climb willow trees and kick a ball. After my son and husband got home that evening, we took off to the same trail for a scooter-biking-hiking outing – and also for the willow trees again! You may notice my daughter’s ill-fitting pants. Sorry-not-sorry! I mean, I did suggest some that don’t fall down, but *this* is childhood, and it’s a beautiful thing. In any event, the sky was amazing as we headed back home. To the West, over the Rocky Mountains, we got a lovely gold-orange-blue mix, and to the South/Southeast, the sky sported brilliant pinks and purples. It was so beautiful all around. Please give me a shout if you’d like to capture memories here in Fort Collins, or the surrounding areas of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming!

The outing lasted only 45 minutes, but there are now 3 blog posts for it, since there were so many images that I loved!

Post 1 of 3
Post 2 of 3
Post 3 of 3