Family with Dogs Portraits! – Fort Collins and Boulder Family Photographer

I looooove working with families with dogs! They inject so many more opportunities for candid moments than many sessions offer. Plus, I am just a dog person. =) We got such beautiful light for this session, another golden hour one. Thank you so much for a fun and beautiful session, guys!


Family Portraits – Fort Collins and Boulder Family Photographer

I just realized that, while I shared photos from several of my last sessions, I never blogged them, so watch me go add them! I met this fun and easy-going family during the golden hour for a park session. I love it when the parents are happy to let the kids be themselves and express their true personalities in photos. The son, especially, did this in front of my lens. Thank you so much, for such a great time, guys!

Extended Family Portraits – Fort Collins and Boulder Family Photographer

I have met most of this family at least a time or two during the past decade, and you may recognize the toddler girl and her parents from an earlier maternity session I shot in Denver. Now, welcome baby brother for this session! Lovely family all around, and lots of fun to work with. Thanks so much, y’all! Previews for now, and lots more later, once the family chooses their favorites!

Family Maternity Session in Denver – Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

Rebooting my business in Colorado has been one of the bigger challenges we’ve faced related to our recent move, but it’s been made quite a bit sweeter to have the opportunity to work with old friends and neighbors. In this case, these now-parents were our next-door neighbors for six years in Washington, DC! We told them about our first pregnancy while attending their wedding. This Dad was our first and only visitor at the hospital when I gave birth to my first child and his wife rushed over to our home, bearing food, as soon as she returned from an out-of-town trip. They were wonderful neighbors and just as fun and caring to our oldest child as they could possibly be. Alas, just before I became pregnant with my second child, they packed up and moved to Colorado. What were we to do, but follow them!? In truth, it had been a long-term plan of ours, dating back long before we knew them. Still, it is wonderful to remain in touch and to be able to share in this beautiful journey of theirs.

We held the session near the clients’ home, about 90 minutes from me. Thus, the clients did a little reconnaissance work to share the place and sunrise light with me. When they visited, the wildflowers and grass were high and lovely. Just a couple of days later, when we went for the session, the grass had been mowed and was wet, sticky, and the biggest mess I have ever tried to shoot in. The adults were wet to their shins and the child to her knees. We worked hard to fight the mess, and couldn’t try a number of shots we wanted, as they would have gotten terribly dirty. Still, all in all, I think their love and happiness shines through and they have some beautiful memories to look back on for a lifetime.

I will be adding more photos to this gallery in the coming days, but wanted to go ahead and post some now. Guys, many thanks for choosing me to capture this precious time in your lives, and I wish you the very best with birth and the transition to two children!

Dads and Grads (and anyone else!) Photography Session Gift Certificates – Fort Collins Family and Child Photographer

Please click on image below to view larger.

Spring Family Session in the Park – Fort Collins Family Portrait / Lifestyle Photographer

This Mom and I were next-door neighbors and friends throughout our childhoods in rural North Carolina. Because it’s a small world, after all, we now both live in the same Colorado city, albeit 3 miles apart. Our parents, however, are still neighbors.

When “Mom” told me she was expecting her third child, we started talking casually about a baby session, but timing didn’t pan out until this May, with her youngest almost 11 months old. It was my great joy to work with her entire family and capture cherished memories that will last them a lifetime.

Side note: The last two images are simply two versions of the same shot. I cannot decide whether I love the black and white or the color version more, so I am sharing both! Enjoy!

Extended Family, Thanksgiving Session

It was my honor to photograph this relaxed and friendly, extended family the day after Thanksgiving. The family is spread from California to Maryland, so it was a special time for them to get together. We scheduled on very short notice and kept the session low impact by shooting in the family’s back yard (OK, and their neighbor’s yard, too!).

Photos with Santa Claus to Benefit the OTBA, Saturday, December 6th at the Nature Lab, Takoma Park, MD

I am excited to announce that Roots and Twigs will spend Saturday, December 6th with Santa Claus’ local stand-in, Takoma Park Mayor Bruce Williams, and all of you who come out to support the event! This is a drop-in event, running from 2-5pm, at the NatureLab, 7003 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD. Please stop by for holiday fun and photos by yours truly. Photo pricing: $20 for a 5×7 print or $30 for a high resolution JPG, plus 6% sales tax. Event is a fundraiser for the Old Takoma Business Association, Your Main Street Takoma.

Come prepared with the following payment information.

Payment Options:

Cash (exact amount would be super helpful – see below);
PayPal (send to day of, before photos are taken, with a note indicating your name and email address used for the event);
Credit card (Mastercard and Visa, others TBD);
Checks will also be accepted, but must clear before product delivery

Payment Totals, including Sales Tax:

$31.80 for High Resolution JPG file, digital delivery
$21.20 for (1) 5×7 print

In addition to photos with Santa, Roots and Twigs will offer fine art photography for sale. Please come enjoy the event and support our community!

2014 Fall Sampling; Fort Collins, CO Family Photographer

For those who have not been following along on Facebook, you might think I have taken some time off. Quite the contrary! I just can’t keep up with blog posts for the all the sessions I have been working on this fall. Thus, I thought I would post just a few here, to give a taste of what I’ve been up to (in addition to weddings that DID get preliminary blog posts), until I get time to prepare some proper posts. Almost all of these are unedited, awaiting client selection, but I still hope you enjoy them! Many thanks to ALL of my fabulous clients for making my first year such a huge success!


2014.11.01 National Mall Session; US Capitol, Washington Monument; Washington, DC Photographer

Loved, loved, loved this session. Adorable pug puppy and her super nice humans. Relaxed and easy, and we scored some lovely light, after the threat of rain passed. You guys, thank you!!! I hope to work with you again!

2014.10.25 Wedding Preview, Washington DC Wedding Photographer, Roman Catholic Ceremony

I will post more from this wedding once edits are done, but I want to share some previews now, as selections then image edits may be 6 or more weeks away. There are some fun stories about how this couple came to be, and the First Dance shot with the umbrella alludes to some of that. Think “Bus Stop” by The Hollies.


2014.10.12 Wedding Preview, Washington DC Wedding Photographer, Greek + Russian Orthodox Ceremony

I shot my first professional wedding! I wasn’t pursuing weddings, but it happened anyway. My second wedding is in just over a week, before my one year business anniversary. It’s been quite the year! I will certainly prepare a more formal, extensive post for this fabulous affair, once I go through everything and work with the clients to choose images for retouching, but I just can’t wait to share some here. This wedding was a Greek and Russian Orthodox traditions mashup, which kept things lively and fun all day. I hope you enjoy!

2014 Sessions Sale!

Book Now for a portrait session on September 6th, 7th, 13th, or 14th and save 15% off regular prices. Session must be booked, and non-refundable retainer fee (regular amount applies) must be paid, by July 31st to qualify for the discount. Mention “July 15%” when booking to get sale rate. Sale pricing:

  • 30 Minute Session: $170 ($75 non-refundable retainer fee)
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