What happens if there is inclement weather the day of my scheduled outdoor photo session?

We’ll reschedule if needed! You surely don’t want rain (…hail, sleet, or snow) on your parade any more than I want it on my photography gear.

Can I include my pet?

Absolutely, as long as the location allows for it. Do keep in mind that, for every additional toddler, puppy, and similar, our shoot may become a bit less efficient, while also becoming a lot more joyful!

Where will the photo session take place?

I love to shoot in beautiful, natural light, either outdoors or in indoor spaces with abundant natural light. I prefer truly natural settings such as those with a mountain backdrop or areas around rivers and lakes. For those preferring a more manicured location, parks and playgrounds can be lovely, and I am happy to shoot in urban environments for an edgier feel, as well. I also have a home studio, complete with studio lighting as well as natural light, that is available for sessions. In short, we will work together to find a mutually agreeable location.

When are you available for photo sessions?

I juggle my photography career with my architecture career as well as my “mom job.” Child care is usually relatively easy for me to get, but I do need to arrange it in advance. I am available most weekends, and many evenings “after work.” When school is out and I am not traveling, I can be available most any time of day.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably, as I intend to keep you active and engaged during our time together! It may be a good idea to wear clothes you don’t mind sitting on the ground in. I recommend limiting busy prints, instead choosing solid colors. Layers often add a level of interest to photos, and may give you the option of quickly changing your look during our photo session. Choose accessories and jewelry that give your look an extra boost, without stealing the show. For groups, consider wearing coordinating colors, but skip the matchy-matchy look, such as blue jeans and white shirts, all around. Pinterest can be a great source for general inspiration, as well as a place for us to share ideas back and forth before your session. I even have my own Pinterest Board of Session Wardrobe Ideas that you can check out!

Will we use photo props?

That’s up to you and the style you are going for, as well as any restrictions established at session locations. I think the best props are those that the client provides and that carry some special meaning. Consider wooden toys or a ball for children; perhaps bubble wands, as well. A quilt or blanket to use on the ground for photos can be a lovely addition. Add a touch of whimsy with a tricycle, a wagon, or a rocking chair. I can provide some of these items, if you’d like. I also have a nice collection of vintage luggage, children’s hats, vintage and newer riding toys, and an old typewriter.


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