May 2016 Highlights; Fort Collins, Colorado Lifestyle and Documentary, Children and Family Photography / Photographer

I have been terrible about blogging lately, as we make the final push with our move, and also work on a couple of other big, behind-the-scenes, ongoing projects. That said, here are a few  of my favorite documentary and lifestyle captures from May. Some June shots will be posted soon, so keep your eyes peeled!



Photography Rainbow, Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

I was honored to be invited to participate in this blog circle for Share Six, with the kick-off theme of GREEN! At the bottom of my post, please follow the link for another amazing photographer’s blog post and work.

Green is my favorite color from an 8-color crayon box, but my husband and I always joke that I have more crayons in my box than he does. In a 64-color box, I’d be torn between turquoise and chartreuse. In any event, I was asked to blog 6 images, in addition to my green image, so naturally I created my own personal theme for this post, incorporating GREEN and that is: RAINBOW! Without further adieu, here is my Ode to Mr. ROY G BIV!


I bought my daughter that red jacket at a thrift shop a few years back and she had never worn it. Then one day recently, she put it on and walked out into the snowy landscape. I adore the dramatic contrast between it and the snow. Her little pink bear completes this childhood dream for me.


Sunset Wheelin’

My family recently went for a quick evening hike-bike-scooter and tree-climbing outing on the trails right by our neighborhood. We scored a rainbow of colors all around us, with pink and purple skies to the Southeast and this blazing Western sky over the Rockies. I shot this just as we exited the trail and headed back to the neighborhood street.



While at Yellowstone and parked beside this banana yellow Camaro, the stars aligned when that vintage Yellowstone bus and raven positioned themselves just so. I shot this through the driver side window, from the passenger side, way back in 2010, but I always enjoy coming across it.


Tulip in Snow

GREEN – The moment you’ve all been waiting for! 
This was my first full Colorado Winter and it lasted just a bit too long for my taste, even though we had beautiful days in the mix to help my sanity. The Spring bulbs in our new gardens could not have been more welcome, especially as they peaked out from a blanket of mid-April snow. I particularly enjoyed photographing the tulips, for their gorgeous and varying structures and their sturdy, lovely leaves. (Disclaimer: even though Winter seemed long, many friends from around the country complained of the same, and I wouldn’t trade our Colorado Summers for anything!)



Rockabilly Bass, Pearl Street. This guy had high energy and belted out the likes of Johnny Cash, while traversing his bass like a small playground. I love the details of his shoes, his cuffs, the tape on the bass, and the bits of orange and green complementing his blues.

After the rain

It was December and had been raining and dreary for days. My kids were very young and I was always right there with them. However, when the rain broke for a few minutes, I took a chance and snuck outside to escape cabin fever and look for beauty to cheer me up. The background color I found for this decorative grass gave the image a boost, and me some joy, despite the weather. This photograph is a personal reminder that beauty can often be found in the most unexpected place and times.


Cabbage! Y’all already know how much I adore macro photography. I love putting a spotlight on ordinary, beautiful subjects at this scale. And how about that gorgeous color, the lacy edges, and the textures of the leaves? I display a print of this in a beautiful, shabby chic, lemon yellow frame in my home and it is delicious!

Thank you all so much for checking out my work a bit more. As I noted above, this blog post is part of a circle blog – my first – and it should be lots of fun for everyone who takes the time to follow along! Please link here to check out Sharleen N Stuart Photography’s blog post and show her some love! 

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Recent Published, Featured, and Top Honor Images; Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

Back in February, I published a blog post including some of my recently published images, and here is the next installment! For more information about these and other published images, please visit Industry Honors, here on my website, or my related Facebook Album. Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Trail and Open Space Park Family Time, Part 3; Fort Collins, Colorado Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer

Part 1
Part 2

And now… Part 3, the last installment of a recent lovely evening out with my family, documentary style! Please give me a shout if you’d like to capture memories here in Fort Collins, or the surrounding areas of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming!

As always, please click on an image to view larger!

Trail and Open Space Park Family Time, Part 1; Fort Collins, Colorado Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer

Earlier this week, my daughter and I took off on a trail by our house midday, mostly to climb willow trees and kick a ball. After my son and husband got home that evening, we took off to the same trail for a scooter-biking-hiking outing – and also for the willow trees again! You may notice my daughter’s ill-fitting pants. Sorry-not-sorry! I mean, I did suggest some that don’t fall down, but *this* is childhood, and it’s a beautiful thing. In any event, the sky was amazing as we headed back home. To the West, over the Rocky Mountains, we got a lovely gold-orange-blue mix, and to the South/Southeast, the sky sported brilliant pinks and purples. It was so beautiful all around. Please give me a shout if you’d like to capture memories here in Fort Collins, or the surrounding areas of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming!

The outing lasted only 45 minutes, but there are now 3 blog posts for it, since there were so many images that I loved!

Post 1 of 3
Post 2 of 3
Post 3 of 3


Family Maternity Session in Denver – Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

Rebooting my business in Colorado has been one of the bigger challenges we’ve faced related to our recent move, but it’s been made quite a bit sweeter to have the opportunity to work with old friends and neighbors. In this case, these now-parents were our next-door neighbors for six years in Washington, DC! We told them about our first pregnancy while attending their wedding. This Dad was our first and only visitor at the hospital when I gave birth to my first child and his wife rushed over to our home, bearing food, as soon as she returned from an out-of-town trip. They were wonderful neighbors and just as fun and caring to our oldest child as they could possibly be. Alas, just before I became pregnant with my second child, they packed up and moved to Colorado. What were we to do, but follow them!? In truth, it had been a long-term plan of ours, dating back long before we knew them. Still, it is wonderful to remain in touch and to be able to share in this beautiful journey of theirs.

We held the session near the clients’ home, about 90 minutes from me. Thus, the clients did a little reconnaissance work to share the place and sunrise light with me. When they visited, the wildflowers and grass were high and lovely. Just a couple of days later, when we went for the session, the grass had been mowed and was wet, sticky, and the biggest mess I have ever tried to shoot in. The adults were wet to their shins and the child to her knees. We worked hard to fight the mess, and couldn’t try a number of shots we wanted, as they would have gotten terribly dirty. Still, all in all, I think their love and happiness shines through and they have some beautiful memories to look back on for a lifetime.

I will be adding more photos to this gallery in the coming days, but wanted to go ahead and post some now. Guys, many thanks for choosing me to capture this precious time in your lives, and I wish you the very best with birth and the transition to two children!

Spring Family Session in the Park – Fort Collins Family Portrait / Lifestyle Photographer

This Mom and I were next-door neighbors and friends throughout our childhoods in rural North Carolina. Because it’s a small world, after all, we now both live in the same Colorado city, albeit 3 miles apart. Our parents, however, are still neighbors.

When “Mom” told me she was expecting her third child, we started talking casually about a baby session, but timing didn’t pan out until this May, with her youngest almost 11 months old. It was my great joy to work with her entire family and capture cherished memories that will last them a lifetime.

Side note: The last two images are simply two versions of the same shot. I cannot decide whether I love the black and white or the color version more, so I am sharing both! Enjoy!

Family in the Park, Autumn 2014

Could they be any more adorable?! I love Mom’s red hair and boots, and the balance of their wardrobe choices – absolutely perfect for the autumn colors and light, while hitting all the right notes for a casual outdoor session! I am posting only the client’s selections here for now, but there are more personal favorites I will add if I get time. This family was generous and warm. Loved working with you!

Extended Family in the Park, Thanksgiving 2014

I shot my first two extended family sessions ever on the same day. They were both on the day after Thanksgiving 2014, one with 10 family members, and the other with 11, and both with family members stretching from the East to the West Coasts. Many thanks to R for setting this session up months in advance, and to all for a great session!

Please click on photos for a larger view!



Autumn Family Session in the Park

This beautiful family contacted me to book a session just as I landed on a trip to Montana. We schedule the session in mid-November and we got chilly temperatures, as the sun set. The payoff, as planned, was gorgeous light on the city’s last beautiful fall leaves as we wrapped up. The kids were troopers as it got colder, but the daughter hung in there, and even perked up a bit with the promise of a warm bath and cold ice cream once they got home. =) Relaxed and warm family. Thank you very much for trusting me with your photos and I hope your photo gifts were received very well and bring joy for many years to come!

Click the photos for a larger view!

Family Session at the Playground in Autumn

This sessions was super fun. It was cold and windy, but the family was energetic, fun, and easy to work with. Also, I LOVE the little red wagon they brought along. Thanks so much, guys!


2014 Fall in the Park with the D Family

Life has been absolutely overflowing with travel, big life changes, and work the past several months. I am trying to catch up in many areas, one of which is my blog! I have posted a few photos from a number of my fall sessions, but I haven’t created my customary posts. So here’s a new one for you…

I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family at local parks, where the kids’ big personalities took center stage. I seriously couldn’t get enough of them. Thank you for your kind feedback and the great fun working with you, D Family!

(Note: a couple of these are sized smaller than others and a couple are unedited proofs… I may try to update them when I get caught up more!)

2014 Fall Sampling; Fort Collins, CO Family Photographer

For those who have not been following along on Facebook, you might think I have taken some time off. Quite the contrary! I just can’t keep up with blog posts for the all the sessions I have been working on this fall. Thus, I thought I would post just a few here, to give a taste of what I’ve been up to (in addition to weddings that DID get preliminary blog posts), until I get time to prepare some proper posts. Almost all of these are unedited, awaiting client selection, but I still hope you enjoy them! Many thanks to ALL of my fabulous clients for making my first year such a huge success!