Please check my calendar for upcoming fine art sales events as well as session availability!

Session Availability is for Fort Collins, Colorado and the surrounding area. If you are interested in a photo session on a day that is not specifically noted as available, please don’t hesitate to contact me to see if we might still work something out. Additionally, I am generally available on weekdays, pending child care arrangements.

What can we expect in terms of weather? Look no further than this handy dandy monthly weather forecast! Disclaimer: I am not responsible for its accuracy!

Most sessions will take place outside, using available natural light. Morning light is softer and warmer in the 60 minutes or so following sunrise, which can be rather early for some on the weekend! Similarly, if you want to take advantage of lovely evening sunset light, it is best to include some or all of the 60-90 minutes before sunset during your session time. This is sometimes a challenge where young children are involved. Challenges may include hunger, bed time, and too much movement to capture sharp images as light fades. I can readily provide you with sunrise and sunset times for any day you are considering for a session. Outside of these “Golden Hour” session times, the best lighting will generally be in open shade areas, away from bright sunlight, harsh shadows, and dappled shade.



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