2014.05.25 Family Session at Home; Washington, DC Family Photographer

This family has been wonderful to work with, and to me. They followed up on a recommendation on an online message board and booked their first session soon after I opened shop. I have since done a session for some of their family friends, and then, almost 6 months after their first session with me, they welcomed me back to help mark their daughter’s second birthday, which was just around the corner. It was *so fun* to see their toddler again. What a difference 6 months has made! Six months ago, I don’t recall her speaking to me or having any real interest in engaging me during our urban session. This time, however, she was ON. She was very verbal and playful. Spunky, like my own daughter who is just a few months older. This family is lovely inside and out, and they are some of the very best clients I have worked with. Thank you, thank you, guys!!!

Link here to view more Past Sessions!


2 thoughts on “2014.05.25 Family Session at Home; Washington, DC Family Photographer

  1. Thanks so much Tori! You have been the best to work with as well. Already thinking about ideas for the next shoot. You are right, my daughter is a ham and has been asking when its going to be “picture day” again ever since.

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