June 2017: Dreamy at Share Six | Fort Collins, Colorado Lifestyle and Fine Art Photographer

The June blog circle theme at Share Six is DREAMY / DREAMS. I hope you’ll take the time to link around the full blog circle (next link at the bottom), and then submit to the Share Six Facebook and/or Instagram pages for a chance to be featured.

Macro photography feeds my soul. I passionately love looking at the world – particularly the natural world – from new and different perspectives. Although it may sound odd to some, macro photography reminds me of my snorkeling experiences, in that it leads me to observe things I simply don’t see everyday. I refer to my macro botanical work as “buds and bugs” as I also love witnessing life at the scale of insects when shooting macro.

For this themed post, I took a little time to shoot in my gardens, something I hadn’t done in recent months. As an aside, you know how when you go biking or running, you often become aware of hills you hadn’t noticed before? The same thing happens when shooting macro in nature and breezes. Those tiny breezes magnify so much. I say this to say the breezes – nay – the WIND – in recent days made several of the subjects I wanted to include unusable, for lack of focus as the plants swayed about! In any event, I love the abstract qualities and the delicious, dreamy bokeh in these images, and hope you enjoy them, too!

I sincerely appreciate you dropping by to check out my take on DREAMY / DREAMS. Next in the blog circle is the highly talented Ceri Herd Photography! Please link over and see the post Ceri  has generated for the theme. For a chance to be featured at Share Six, please submit your DREAMY OR DREAMS images to the Share Six Facebook and/or Instagram pages (tag #sharesix and #sharesix_dreamy or #sharesix_dreams) by July 5th.

Tulips, Part Deux; Fort Collins, Colorado Fine Art Photographer

Because they are so beautiful to my eye, I am grabbing all of my recent tulip shots and plopping them in here. I took many of them yesterday, but you may recognize the bottom ones from my first tulip post. All of these beauties are growing at my home. The lovely gardens established by the previous owners are the gifts that keep on giving.


Week 16 | RED; Fort Collins, Colorado Fine Art Photographer


Thanks so much for the feature, Life’s Experience p52! ~ Tori

Psst! Do you know what my favorite color is? Yup, you guessed it; RED! I just cannot begin to tell you how my heart delighted in viewing all of this past week’s submissions! There is just som…

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Recent Published, Featured, and Top Honor Images; Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

Back in February, I published a blog post including some of my recently published images, and here is the next installment! For more information about these and other published images, please visit Industry Honors, here on my website, or my related Facebook Album. Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Post-Blizzard Macro Photography Beauty; Fort Collins, Colorado Fine Art and Lifestyle Photographer

I woke up to a gorgeous moon-set this morning and started my day snapping some of that from my deck. Shortly afterwards, I switched to my macro lens and went walk-about in my yard for more post-blizzard beauty.

Buds and Bugs: Macro Photography; Fort Collins, Colorado Lifestyle and Fine Art Photographer

For many years, I worked in my alternate profession and shot only as a very serious hobbyist. I shot with an old, all-manual Nikon FM film camera and a “nifty fifty” – a 50 mm lens. I used “sneaker zoom” to frame my images. My Christmas gift one year, ~12-15 years ago, was a similar, used Nikon FM2 body, to allow me to have one body loaded with black and white film, and the other loaded with color film. The FM2 came with a worn out 55mm macro lens. That lens was – ahem – remains! – gummed up in the focusing ring, so it takes significant elbow grease to adjust things, and I employ “sneaker zoom” to manually focus subjects by moving my body once I get things framed just about so. All that said, it is one of my 2 favorite lenses, flaws and all. Why? I will allow few of my favorite macro shots from the past 18 months or so, all taken with that worn out lens, do the rest of my “talking”!

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