Recent Published, Featured, and Top Honor Images; Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer

Back in February, I published a blog post including some of my recently published images, and here is the next installment! For more information about these and other published images, please visit Industry Honors, here on my website, or my related Facebook Album. Thank you so much for your interest in my work!


Weekly ‘Real Life’ Featured Photographer Roots and Twigs Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado

Prairie dog in snow, Niwot, Colorado

bio (Who is Tori?) Following years of dreaming and scheming, my family moved from a lifetime on the East Coast to Fort Collins, Colorado just over a year ago. About 2 years ago, while on hiatus fro…

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Emerging Artist of the Month: Roots and Twigs Photography

The Emerging Artist features are among our favorite at By He{Art}. We believe the is so much insane talent out there that just needs to be introduced to the world. And any way we can help do that m…

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An Interview with Tori of Roots and Twigs Photography

Tori of Roots and Twigs Photography was our March choice for the image of the month, and she is featured here as our webpage banner and also on the Facebook page banner. So who is Tori?  This…

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Family Hike, Fort Collins, Colorado Family and Children’s Photographer

I just realized that, while I shared these on Facebook, I never posted these Fall shots on the blog. These are my kids being themselves and Colorado being pretty spectacular, too. This was the second (of only 2 so far) trip I have made to this location and it does not disappoint. That sky is to die for. Also? It just happens to pretty much be the Pantone 2-shade color of the year. A couple of these shots are currently listed in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested, but any of them can be made available.

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Camping Weekend Away

My family finally grabbed a long weekend, if just over 3 days counts as “long,” and got away from our house for the first time since moving here in late winter. We’re loving Fort Collins and as we drove away, I even told my husband that I was a little sad to skip a weekend here, but we have also been anxious to go camping. Due to the challenges with the little people in our lives, as well as a super soggy Friday and resultant wet tent, we didn’t cover nearly as much ground as we had planned, but we still managed to see some gorgeous areas that were new to us, and quite a few wildflowers. Even better, we met numerous kindred spirits, made new friends, and saw – and purchased – some fabulous art. My primary destination of Crested Butte will have to wait. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy viewing these, all taken roughly between Breckenridge/Frisco and Fort Collins.