March 2018: Contrast at Share Six | Fort Collins, Colorado Lifestyle and Fine Art Photographer

The March blog circle theme at Share Six is CONTRAST. I started shooting SLRs, processing my black and white film, and spending countless hours (and – later – all-nighters) printing my images in darkrooms nearly 30 years ago. My love for contrasty images is very closely aligned to those days, but I have brought that love to color digital images as well, albeit to a lesser extent. I generally process my fine art images with the full range of tones, from pure black to pure white. I use histograms to help guide this aspect of editing, but there’s always an element of artistic license, as well. I am a bit of a purist in my photography work, and never shoot or process with HDR, and I rarely blow any value out of an image, other than the occasional bright sky. I think balancing the tonal values and artistic vision associated with contrast in an image is as delicate as any balance – and certainly as worthwhile. I was very tempted to pull images from my all-time favorites for this post, but decided to stick with a goal of shooting new ones, in the location, time, and light available for creating this blog post.

As I write this post, I am preparing for one of the busiest and most challenging weeks of sessions I have ever had, so I had to *make* time to shoot. We’ve had a few recent days that smiled upon us with the promise of Spring to come, and my family took advantage of one such day to explore a new-to-us hiking area. The images from this post are from an hour there, finishing about an hour before sunset. Shooting when I did presented me with harsh light that I often struggle with, but generally love for its contrast and dramatic conversions to black and white images.

As always, I hope you will follow my blog, as well as follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see more of the work I share. I also hope you will take the take the time to link around the full blog circle of talent. You’ll find the next link and details about how to submit your own images to be featured at the bottom of this post.

I sincerely appreciate you dropping by to check out my take on CONTRAST. Next in the blog circle is the highly-talented It’s Still Life Photography! Please link over and see the blog post Elizabeth has generated for our theme. For a chance to be featured at Share Six, please submit your CONTRAST images to the Share Six Facebook and/or Instagram pages (tag #sharesix_contrast) by April 5th.



4 thoughts on “March 2018: Contrast at Share Six | Fort Collins, Colorado Lifestyle and Fine Art Photographer

  1. Oh the silhouetted trees are so incredible. I also am moved by the tones in the water/reflection image as well as the branches. So calming, peaceful, and contemplative. Thank you for sharing this beauty and your vision. ❤

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