January 2017: Music at Share Six | Fort Collins Lifestyle and Fine Art Photographer

Our January blog circle theme at Share Six  is MUSIC. I had the best of intentions for this theme, but fell short of my goals. My images are all new, but not exactly what I planned. In any event, there are three instruments included in these images, each with some significance in my life.

My Alvarez Regent acoustic guitar was a Christmas gift from my best friend in college. He and another close friend spent Christmas break teaching me chords and practicing. I believe my friend must have also given me my Indigo Girls “Strange Fire” chord book, with which I practiced. I was progressing well, but once school resumed, I put my guitar down and never picked it back up in earnest, unfortunately. It holds its tune very well, it sounds lovely, and I admit that this project prompted me to dig it out of a storage room and seriously consider trying to learn again.

As much as I love guitar, “my grass is blue” (as a sticker on my guitar case in fact reads!) and banjos and fiddles are my favorite instruments. While we were engaged, my husband surprised me with a Rover 5-String Banjo years ago. Unlike the Alvarez, it does not hold its tune well, which resulted in even less commitment to learning it than the guitar. The truth is, I am a dancer. I never really sat still from dancing long enough to learn an instrument. I still dream of learning to play and maybe, with young kids who ought to learn, too, there’s hope yet.

The third instrument I photographed does not belong to me, but I have “visitation rights.” I must admit that my real affinity for it is a bit shallow. As I noted above, bluegrass is my favorite style of music, but Dwight Yoakam is my favorite artist. This particular guitar is an Epiphone Dwight Yoakam “Dwight Trash” Casino Outfit in Jackpot White. There were only 250 of these guitars made in this color, and only 250 made in Roulette Red, the other color. My brother-in-law owns this beauty and I happily got to spend some quality time with it over the holidays, again.

Ironically, my djembe and didjeridoos didn’t make it to the blog, but perhaps another day. When I had free time, I actually played both much more than the instruments I photographed. The natural rhythm I have for dancing translates far better to drumming – both hand percussions and kits – than to learning a stringed instrument, but I would still love to learn the latter.

Thank you so much for dropping by to see my take on MUSIC. Now, please visit Katherine at Cobert Photography, who chose the theme, to see her images, and continue the circle blog to view and comment on everyone’s work.

Please join us for this month’s theme by posting your MUSIC images on the Facebook page at Share Six  and to the Instagram gallery by tagging #sharesix and #sharesix_music.

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