December 2016: Bokeh at Share Six | Fort Collins Fine Art and Lifestyle Photographer

Our December theme over at Share Six  is BOKEH. One of my favorite types of bokeh is when it has a magical pixie dust effect, such as the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree. For the first time EVER in my life, I am living in a home with an artificial tree. I fought the occasional proposal of getting one throughout my childhood, and decorated my houseplants when I was in my 20s. Since becoming a bona fide “grownup,” I have wanted to build a “sculptural tree” – a piece of art, itself, upon which to hang ornaments. Long story short, that tree is still in my dreams. Getting a real tree was out of reach this year for many reasons, so we bought this second hand artificial tree from a neighbor Friday night. We then spent the rest of the weekend, off and on, adorning it with treasures we’ve collected and created along the way, as well as making paper garland from flower bulb catalogs and ornaments from recycled popsicle sticks. I am all about a simple, classic holiday season, so these activities were good for my soul. *** Disclaimer: Don’t judge if I end up with a shiny tinsel tree forest /\ /\ /\ and vintage color wheel(s) in the future, befitting our Mid-Century Modern Home! Also, if you know how to make that happen, please drop a line!! *** I am even handling the artificial tree well – for the most part. I miss the scent of a real tree, and the scrawny base of this thing does nothing for me. I have plans for next year, though!

Thank you so much for dropping by to see my weekend take on BOKEH. Now, please visit Applewood Photography to see her images, and continue the circle blog to view and comment on everyone’s work.

Please join us for this month’s theme by posting your BOKEH images on the Facebook page at Share Six  and to the Instagram gallery by tagging #sharesix and #sharesix_bokeh.


6 thoughts on “December 2016: Bokeh at Share Six | Fort Collins Fine Art and Lifestyle Photographer

  1. Tori these are so beautiful and I confess to being a little envious of the fact that you have young children to add to the excitement of Christmas. The bokeh is perfect and I love all those shimmering lights. Gorgeous photos.

  2. Love how you capture your kids decorating and crafting decorations for the tree! I can’t wait to see your vintage tree next year! I really want one of those vintage aluminum trees! Beautiful Bokeh and images this month!

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