Muddy Trail and Swampy Creek Banks Play; Fort Collins, Colorado Documentary Photographer

Wow! This post was supposed to publish two MONTHS ago, and I just noticed it in the drafts folder. So, imagine if you will, that is about April or May as you continue through this post!

We just came out on the other side of highs in the low 40s and 3 days of snow flurries, but the kids and I decided to get out and make the most of it yesterday before the school week began again. We set out to find nice, clean rain puddles to play in, but that’s not exactly what we found… The trail was muddy and – according to the kids – very sticky! My son got legitimately stuck several times, but he could have avoided it by walking in the grass like his Mom! From the mud play, we worked our way on down to our favorite climbing tree and along the creek bank, which quickly became rather swampy, but we pushed through. My daughter, spirited and fun, as she is, delighted in stomping and plowing through it. Eventually she tripped over grass under the water and got soaked. No worries – up and at ’em with a huge grin, immediately – and followed by deliberate falls after that. Best part? Her mud was pretty much all gone by the time she got done in the “swamp.” Full disclosure: it WAS a cold walk home for her, but she’s a #mightygirl!


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