Tulips in the New-Old Garden, Fort Collins, Colorado, Fine Art Photography

If you have been following me a  while and paying attention, you will recall that my family recently moved across the country to a new house, and then accidentally bought a SECOND house here in Fort Collins, because it was kind of our dream house, or at least as close as we are likely to have in the next twenty years or so. So while we deal with the stress of ditching the previous house, we enjoy the dream of the new home. The new-old house was built in 1962 and is part of a small but wonderful mid-century modern neighborhood. As great as our home’s architecture is, the true draws for us were the wonderful neighborhood, the mountain views, and the pretty perfect yard. We have a large fenced-in area, flat as a pancake for soccer and such, and we have an area outside the fence with a little sledding hill. All around the property are gardens representing nearly three decades of the previous owners’ labor of love. I literally walk the property at least once a day, just enjoying the plants and looking for new ones. My neighbors probably think I am a few cards short of a full deck. Just a couple of days ago, I realized we will soon have blankets of lily of the valley in multiple gardens.

The tulips are stunning. Although I have landscaped and gardened extensively, I have literally only had maybe 3-5 tulip bulbs in my adult life and they were all planted by previous owners. THESE previous owners stocked the gardens a-plenty with them and I feel like the gardens are the gifts that keep on giving. I suspect before long, the weeds will also be “gifts” that keep on giving, but that’s for another day. Today, I want to share some of my recent favorite shots of tulips in and from the new-old gardens, which I adore. A few are included in both color and black and white, as I find the structure of these tulips enthralling.


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