Buds and Bugs: Macro Photography; Fort Collins, Colorado Lifestyle and Fine Art Photographer

For many years, I worked in my alternate profession and shot only as a very serious hobbyist. I shot with an old, all-manual Nikon FM film camera and a “nifty fifty” – a 50 mm lens. I used “sneaker zoom” to frame my images. My Christmas gift one year, ~12-15 years ago, was a similar, used Nikon FM2 body, to allow me to have one body loaded with black and white film, and the other loaded with color film. The FM2 came with a worn out 55mm macro lens. That lens was – ahem – remains! – gummed up in the focusing ring, so it takes significant elbow grease to adjust things, and I employ “sneaker zoom” to manually focus subjects by moving my body once I get things framed just about so. All that said, it is one of my 2 favorite lenses, flaws and all. Why? I will allow few of my favorite macro shots from the past 18 months or so, all taken with that worn out lens, do the rest of my “talking”!

As always, please click on any image to view larger!


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